10 Best eBook Torrent Sites To Download Free Books

10 Best eBook Torrent Sites To Download Free Books: Are you looking for the best torrent website to download E-books? Congrats! Your search ends here. We are back with another amazing article featuring the list of Top 10 Best Torrent Websites on the internet that you can use to download E-Books.

A book is a real friend of humans because they never misguide and whenever anyone wants to get knowledge, gather information, find solutions whether practical or theoretical, books always come in first place.

Still, we can’t carry books always with us. Whether someone is a student, employed or retired, everyone wants to get the best of knowledge with him/ her. Though, books are the mirror of our society. Therefore, if you’re going to get digitize and want to read books digitally, then you must look for E-books. If you are lenovo user, then download lenovo PC suite for windows.

Even, you can carry hundreds of E-books in your smartphone. Now, E-books are available in most of the popularized languages covering every topic of life. Thoroughly, below we have featured the list of top 10 best torrent website to download E-books for free. Make sure to have a complete look at the below article not to miss any important update.

List of Top 10 Torrent Websites to Download E-books for Free

1. The Pirate Bay

The pirate bay home

On top of this list, we have The Pirate Bay. The Pirate bay holds the most reliable and oldest torrent website to download E-books. The interface of The Pirate Bay has a clean and simple interface that makes it a user-friendly torrent website. It consists of a huge database of E-books for every age group.

When you visit The Pirate Bay, you will find a search bar and filters to apply for E-books search on the homepage of the website. However, The Pirate Bay is blocked in a few countries.

2. 1337X


Second, we have 1337X. This best torrent website to download E-books stands to be the best website in this list. Not only E-books, but you can also download audiobooks from 1337X as well. The choice is not limited to only E-books, you can also download documentaries, apps, games, music, movies and much more on this torrent website.

They have a wide range of E-books and audiobooks that you will go to love. Make sure to give 1337X a try.

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3. Books-share


Third in this list and the best torrent website to download E-books is Books-share. First of all, you have to get registered on Books-share to get your hands on their mine of E-books. You will find a search bar which can be used to find desired E-books.

They have numerous categories of E-books like psychology, technology and engineering, religion, humor and much more. Once, you click on any E-book of your search, a description regarding E-book will be dispatched in front of you. They also display some pages in that E-book.

4. BookYards


BookYards is a leading website in this list and the best torrent website that you can look for to download E-books. They have a huge database of E-books. Their site is very well-managed and organized with easy to understand and follow options. If you are looking for your desired E-book, then there are most chances that you will be going to find it on BookYards.

This website deals in both E-books and Audiobooks. They offer broad categories to choose from such as Economics, Fiction, Religion and Spirituality and much more.

5. Ebookee


Ebookee stands to be an ideal torrent website whenever it comes to download the best of E-books for free. Especially for students and those are with educational perspective, Ebookee is the best choice for them. The interface of Ebookee is another advantage of it that it comes to be the best torrent website to download E-books.

Moreover, they have categories like Technology, Business, Graphics and Design, Novel and much more. Overall, genuine E-books can be found at Bookee.

6. Wikibooks


In the middle of this list, we have Wikibooks. The best thing everyone loves with Wikibooks is that you can search for E-books according to your preferred language. You don’t need to waste your time in finding your desired E-book in your language. As you must select your language and E-books available in your preferred language will be shown to you.

Apart from that, Wikibooks comes with a huge database of E-books for every age group and a wide range of categories to choose from. Wikibooks is a must try option in this list.

7. Free-eBooks


Seventh, Free-eBooks.net is another great must try the website for E-book readers. First, sign up is mandatory before downloading E-books on Free-eBooks.net. Though, all E-books are available on Free-eBooks.net are in PDF format. You will find a good range of E-books categorized into sections like Technology, Science, Fiction, Business and much more.

Free-eBooks.net is a must try the website for all E-book readers. The interface of Free-eBooks.net is a plus point for this torrent website.

8. Torlock


Torlock gets counted in the list of the best torrent websites to download E-books. The same has been listed here. This website comes with the best-verified torrents. This website also has a different section of E-books as similar to 1337X that listed above.

However, the only an annoying drawback with Torlock is the advertisements. There are numerous ads you will be going to see on Torlock. Still, Torlock is best in the class of top Torrent Websites to download E-books.

9. Torrent9


Second last in this list, we have Torrent9 as another best and must try torrent website to download E-books. Similar to Torlock, Torrent9 also comes with a different section of E-books. They offer a huge variety of E-books covering every possible area.

The interface of this website is also good and best to download E-books. Not only E-books, if you are interested, then you can also look for other content as well.

10. SeedPeer


On the last of this list but not the least, we have SeedPeer. This website has a good and user-friendly interface such that it also has a different section for E-books. You can also use the search bar to get directly to the desired E-book. When you click on an e-book, then it also shows the size of E-book, and the time it was uploaded.

Overall, SeedPeer is an excellent website to get started for downloading E-books. SeedPeer is best to use, and the user must take benefit from it.

Few More Words

Here we have the list of top 10 best torrent websites to download E-books for free. We hope this article helped you. Don’t forget to comment below guys if you know any other best torrent website to download E-books for free that must be listed here. Make sure to share this article with your friends.