No matter who you are, if you use Instagram, you have dreamed of creating great content as others do. Above all, you want to do it with ease, and without spending a lot of money. We have been there too, which led us to do our research to discover the right video editing tools.

If you used the Instagram video editor, you know that videos spice up your Instagram profile and make it elegant. Because of that reason, you should have the right video editing tools that allow you to create high-quality videos. 

The 11 Best Video Editing Tools 

We compiled this list of 11 tools for you to create sophisticated looking videos, yet are quick to use: 

#1 InShot 

InShot is a complete video editing tool that allows you to create collages of images, edit photos, and create videos. For instance, you can use Inshot to create an engaging photo collage from your recent travels.

If you do not want to upload your music, the app has a rich music library. It also allows you to trims videos, add fun filters, use various fonts, and adjusts footage speed to your liking. 

One of the most popular features of this app is the 360° video capture. The app is available on both iOS and Android but not on desktop.

#2 VideoCreek

Providing easy editing is generally what most video apps do. However, VideoCreek takes it a step further by automating the process. It uses AI technology to make video editing and fast. Automating video editing eliminates the need for the user to be familiar with technology and creates magical content.

Signing up for a VideoCreek account is easy and quick. Once you select the type of account you need, like Personal, Business, or Agency, it customizes its features for you. Most of us generally shoot our videos on our phone cameras. Changing these simple videos into magical sceneries is fun and easy to achieve with VideoCreek. Click here to visit the website.

#3 Clips by Apple

To provide a simple and easy video editing tool for its iOS users, Apple created Clips. However, the app is not available for Android users. Apple released this app for users who have no desire or time to learn difficult video editing skills. 

Because of this, the first thing you will notice about this app is the ease of use. Specifically created for social media, the app provides all the bells and whistles needed to create engaging video content.

#4 Boomerang

In 2015, Instagram launched its new app called Boomerang to allow its users to make simple and fun videos. This app quickly became hugely popular, and very soon, people were uploading more videos on Instagram than photos. It encouraged people to step up their video content game. 

Instagram recently integrated its Boomerang app with its stories feature, making it easy to record and publish videos. Recently, it introduced four new features to elevate the quality of the videos.

#5 Stop Motion Studio

Stop Motion Studio is an easy to use video editor with a host of useful features. It is a full-featured and powerful tool. The Overlay mode of the app makes editing easy by showing different frames next to each other. 

This tool allows you to create animations by drawing on photos and videos. It provides rich camera control features. You can either white balance manually or let the app do it. You can also adjust focus, exposure, and shutter speed. 

#6 Horizon

No matter how you hold the phone camera, Horizon allows capturing stable horizontal videos. For ease of use, this feature works with the phone’s both front and back cameras. 

With these features, Horizon effectively ends the vertical video syndrome. It also has unique features that take photos while recording videos. Horizon offers three different video options to manage storage space. 

#7 Life Lapse

Life Lapse provides features to both newbies and professionals. The app not only allows you to create eye-catching videos, but its music is also royalty-free. It has crop options for different social media apps, but it provides customized guidelines specifically for Instagram. 

It has a cool feature to change the speed of both audio and video. Also, the app shows no ads! While it is free to download, you will have to pay to use it post the trial period.

#8 Slow Motion Video FX

Do you have an Android phone? Are you looking for a slow-motion app for your Instagram and other social media videos? The Slow Motion FX is the app for you. What if you forgot to record a video in slow motion but wished you did? 

Do not worry. This app allows you to convert regular videos into slow-motion videos. You can also slow down or speed up only parts of the video if you wish.

#9 iMovie

iMovie is a video editing app that Apple launched for iOS users. The iMovie app has 14 Hollywood-style trailer templates and eight beautiful themes. The app allows you to add logos, transition photos and videos, and even add credit rolls. 

It is one of the view video editing apps that supports 4k video resolution. The iMovie app can fix shaky videos, customize audio for video clips, and even rotate video clips. The only downside of this app is that it does not allow you to use your music.

#10 Unfold

Available both on Android and iOS, the Unfold app creates modest collages. The app is popular to create bright and clean stories on Instagram. You can share multiple photos in one frame neatly using Unfold. The Unfold app has both free as well as premium templates. Buying premium templates gives you access to their entire collection. Their stamp stickers are quite popular.

The Unfold app provides easy to use straightforward templates. If you are looking for creating quick and elegant content, this app is for you. However, it does not allow a lot of flexibility. This feature sometimes restricts the creation of out-of-the-box creative content.

#11 WeVideo

WeVideo is a simple video editing app that allows you to create engaging content. Of all the cloud-based editors for Instagram, the WeVideo app is one of the most popular ones. This app provides screencasting and cloud storage for professional editors.

WeVideo provides cloud storage on multiple devices. This feature allows the content creator to work on a project on different devices. The app provides a default 10GB space for storage. If you need more storage than that, you will have to upgrade.

You Can Create Awesome Instagram Videos with the Right Tools

Irrespective of your expertise, video editing tools are of great importance to create standout videos. If you are clear about your specific requirements, there is an unlimited choice of useful apps available for you.

Many of these come with a free trial so that you can decide if you want to buy the full versions or not. In this article, we have introduced you to the tried-and-tested, frequently used apps on Instagram. We recommend you the best, which is, video creek, as it also allows creating great intro videos.

This writeup should give you a good head start identifying the perfect solution that you have been looking for all these days.