Hey readers, today in this post we are going to see what are the most advanced features of the iPhone. the Best iPhone Features that Everyone should use.

The iPhone is one of the most popular handsets in the market. Many people love the phone and they can’t stop raving about it. So what is it that makes this phone so popular? This blog will take a look at the best features of the phone and help you decide if you should get a new phone.

The iPhone is one of the best selling smartphones in the world. People love the design and the user-friendly interface. It comes with a bunch of great features that are easy to use and can improve your use of the phone. This blog looks at some of the best iPhone features and how you can use them to improve your iPhone experience.

With IOS 11.3 , Apple has added a few new features. These features are meant to make the user experience more impressive. Here are the 5 top new features of IOS 11.3.
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Reduce background noise on FaceTime

If you’re taking an FaceTime video call from a noisy area The new feature for voice isolation ensures that your voice can be clearly heard on the other side by blocking out background sound. When you’re on an FaceTime call, you can switch on Control Center by swiping down from the upper right part of the display. click “Mic Mode” and select “Voice Isolation.”

Use three fingers to tap with 3 fingers in order to redo or undo

Although it’s a well-known feature, it’s safe to claim it’s a fact that “Shake to Undo” is often forgotten. It’s a simple method to go back a step or erase the text. You can also press with 3 fingers “undo” or “redo” in text fields. This is useful for sending messages, entering URLs or even with emails.

Do not answer calls from spammers.

If you’re fed up of receiving calls from unknown numbers, this unnoticed feature lets you block these calls easily by automatically muting unknown callers, and then sending messages to voicemail. In Settings, click “Phone” and turn on “Silence Unknown Callers.”

Download a website’s URL as a PDF

Yes, you can take a screenshot using the iPhone (just press the power button and turn it up simultaneously for models with Face ID, and the home and power buttons in older iPhone models). However, you can also hit “Full Page” to have iOS take a picture of the page. This is a great way to send out news articles, your most-loved listicle, or even a recipe. Once you’ve found it, you can store it on your iPhone or send it to an email or via a message.

Invite your friends to join FaceTime with the shareable link

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Although FaceTime calls were previously only available only to Apple customers, Android and Windows users can now join having fun, too. With iOS 15 you can launch FaceTime and then tap “Create Link” to get an unique URL for your group chat. Then, you can send your hyperlink with your friends, and they can join even if do not have the Apple device.

Your iPhone could be an instrument to measure tape

Apple first launched its Measure App with iOS 12 and although it’s a great demonstration of Augmented Reality, it can be useful. It’s basically, using the combination of the cameras in an iPhone along with the software sensors, it can measure distances. You can label those with different stopping and starting locations, and also be capable of changing the measurement method you’re using.

Switch Wi-Fi on the fly

Inside Control Center Control Center, you can effortlessly turn Wi-Fi off or off. You are also able to switch networks. From the top left-hand corner press for a long time on the square with connections, and then press once more on the Wi-Fi icon. It will display the current network you’re connected to, and will then display the different networks that are available. It is possible to switch at any time to a network you’re familiar with or join one that isn’t. In addition, this works with Bluetooth connections.

Make sure you look your best in Facebook with Portrait mode

Are you planning to create an FaceTime call but haven’t remembered to get your house cleaned? Then you can switch to the Portrait Mode to reduce out the background, and put the attention upon your own face. If you’re using FaceTime with another person, tap the video tile to reveal 4 icons. There’s one for each corner. Click on the icon located in the upper left-hand edge of the tile and turn to portrait mode.

Tabs for groups in Safari

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If you’re always browsing the internet it’s not uncommon to have more tabs open than you can figure out what to do with and it can become extremely difficult and difficult to navigate. It’s good news that you can categorize tabs in different categories to make it easier to navigate to any page you require. Open Safari and then click the Pages button at the right side to select “Tabs” and select “New Tab Group.”

Summary of schedule notifications

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Not every message requires your attention immediately. Notification summaries let users combine less important notifications and set them up to appear at a particular date and time. In Settings, select “Notifications” and select “Scheduled Summary” to configure this.

Scan photos to get text

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If you have lots of valuable information stored on your phone’s camera roll iOS 15 could you save a lot of time in your daily life. The brand new Live Text feature is a game changer because it allows users to take text directly from a picture or screen capture and then paste it into notes, emails or documents , rather than typing it manually. Just look at a photo and select the text that you see in the shot and choose a specific part or the entire text to copy it.

Your keyboard could be an actual mouse cursor

There’s nothing more frustrating than sending an email that is long and having to carefully click to make a double space disappear or change the sentence structure. Holding down your keyboard will change it into a cursor, which allows you to quickly reach the area that you’re looking to address. It’s extremely helpful for those short modifications.

Take a swipe away from a number in Calculator

Although the Calculator isn’t the most sophisticated but it’s an extremely useful application. But did you realize that pressing Clear (aka”C” or the “C” button) isn’t the only method to begin new? You can also swipe the individual number to erase it. This is extremely useful particularly if you have added an additional number. Simply move your finger left or right the number to get rid of it.

Reduce distractions with Focus mode.

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Nothing is more frustrating than being constantly bombarded with unnecessary notifications when you’re engaged in doing something. Focus mode lets you block certain notifications, while allowing important notifications from certain individuals and applications to be filtered through. It is possible to set up various profiles such as personal, sleep work, driving and sleep that you can modify to block notifications based on your activities and notify others when you’re not around. It’s all it takes is have to do is open the Control Center and then select “Focus.”

Make background sounds available

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If you’re looking to relax after a long day , or working on a large project Soundscapes (or according to Apple refers to them as “background sounds”) can help you shut out the world whenever you’re most in need. While there are numerous third-party applications that have this feature, now you can listen to a wide range of sounds, including ocean, rain, or even dark sounds that are included in. In Settings, select “Accessibility,” click “Audio/Visual” and then click “Background Sounds.”

Share your top conversation

Messages have a variety of features that were added to iOS 14; however, our most-loved feature is pinning conversations. You no longer have to browse through endless rows of conversations to locate your most frequently used conversation; instead users can simply pin the conversation at the top of. Simply swipe left to right in a conversation and you’ll see the yellow pin icon pop up. The contact will then jump to the top of the circle. You can then rearrange it however you want.

Use the reverse of your smartphone instead swipe to the right.

Back Tap could be the most well-kept secrets in this iPhone. The original idea was to create an accessibility feature to quickly trigger an action or task It’s available to everyone and can be enhanced. In essence it’s the case that an iPhone can detect two fingers or a triple tap on its back because of the sensor for haptics. In the Settings, you can set the two-finger tap for launching Messages, or to go to home, while a triple tap triggers the opening of an app , or even lock your phone. It’s extremely useful. It’s found under Accessibility > Settings and Back Tap.

It is easy to translate text

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Do you need to translate text into another language instantly? You don’t have to copy and paste it into a search engine, or utilize a separate app to do it because it’s part of. Select the text by clicking on the text, then click “Translate.”

You can easily find specific words in Safari by using a keyword search

If you’re reading text-heavy articles on Safari and you’re trying to find the exact word or phrase you’re looking for then you can make use of keyword search rather than having to go through the entire text. Enter the word you’re searching for into your search box, then scroll down, and then select “On This Page.”

Stop unwanted emails by through Hide My Email

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Protecting your email address from being viewed as private is a challenge, given the sheer number of apps, websites and newsletters that ask users to supply their email address when registration. Hide My Email that is offered with iCloud+, protects your email address from being used by creating a random email address that you can use, and then forwarding messages to your email inbox. In Settings you can click “iCloud” and select “Hide My Email.”

Sleeping in the Clock at night can help establish a routine

The Bedtime feature within the Clock app lets you set a sleep time and sends a pleasant reminder. You can choose when it will send (typically thirty or forty-five minutes before) as well as even activate Do not Disturb to reduce use of your phone prior to slumber.

Find Emojis

Apple introduces a variety of new emojis in iOS through regular updates. And we all have our favorite. For us, it’s going to be the upside-down smiling face or lightning bolt. Did you know that you can look up an emoji directly on the keyboard? It’s a great way to find the perfect emoji to use when words aren’t sufficient.

Notes app to organize your Notes app with hashtags

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If you’re an avid Notes users like we are may find yourself overwhelmed with shopping notes, work jottings, and personal notes to the point where it’s difficult to locate the information you’re seeking. You can now utilize hashtags to categorize your notes in order to classify with similar ones which makes the app more user-friendly. Once you’ve added hashtags to any place in your note you’ll be able navigate to”Tags. “Tags” section on the home page in Notes. Notes app.

Receive current weather alerts in real time.

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The Weather application’s latest Stay Dry feature, you’ll never forget to bring your umbrella in your home. Within the Weather app, click the icon at the top right-hand corner and then select “Notifications,” allow location access and notifications, and then choose your location to receive notifications when snow or rain is about to begin or end.

Block the IP address of your computer from sites

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The internet can leave your vulnerable to third party observers who might attempt to monitor your online activities. iCloud Private Relay available with iCloud+ it can safeguard your security and privacy by stopping networks, websites and trackers from observing which websites you’re browsing and also your personal information. You can activate this feature by clicking Settings, tapping on your name, choosing “iCloud” and turning on “Private Relay.”

Create a Recovery Contact to safeguard your possessions

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If you’re unable to access your iCloud and you’re locked out, you’re able to designate a family or friend person who you trust to assist to get access back to your account. When you’re blocked out your account, you’ll be able to contact the Recovery Contact and Apple will give them a password that you must enter into your device to allow you to change your password. You can add a Recovery contact by entering Settings, tapping “Password & Security,” “Account Recovery” and then clicking “Add Recovery Contact.”

Use Visual Look Up to find the content of photos

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Have you ever wanted know more about the information within your photographs and videos, the Visual Look Up feature can give you a wealth of details with just the click on an icon. It can identify various objects, animals, landmarks, books, plants and much more and provide results for searches, similar photos and links to the topic. If the image you are looking for is accessible to Visual Look Up, there is an information button with sparkling stars on the right side of”delete” icon “delete” icon.

Attach attachments to events within the Calendar app

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Do you have a crucial event or presentation coming up in the near future? Make sure that your files are easily accessible by adding content with Calendar events. When creating a new calendar event you can scroll down to tap “Add attachment,” which allows you to select the files you want to keep available.

Modify font sizes for specific apps

While certain apps might be better suited to large text dimensions, you may want smaller fonts when using other apps. With iOS 15 you can modify the size of the text in an app-to-app manner. If you go to Settings, navigate into “Control Center” and add the “Text Size” option to the controls that are included. If you wish to alter how big the font appears when using an app, you can swipe downwards to access Control Center, tap the “Text Size” icon and alter the font size according in accordance with your preferences.

Capture in ProRaw

Do you want to take your photographs to the higher stage? Photographing with ProRaw for the most recent iPhones comes with extra information you can use using photo editing software. Think Photoshop or Pixelmator. This will give you more control over the image but be aware that these images consume a little more space.

Make a photo using FaceTime

Today more than ever before, we’re making use of FaceTime to stay in touch. Did you notice the white circle shutter button? It’s a simple method of taking a photo during a call — and you can also make it live photos. It’s a great method of capturing a memory during a phone call.

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