5 Best Los Movies Alternatives 2021

Unfortunately, for users of LOSMOVIS, multiple companies have recently shut down the free streaming website LOSMOViz, taking legal action. For many years, Losmowicz has been the best place to watch free movies online. Millions of people around the world rely on this free service to watch newly released films and their old favorite.

One of the most significant drawbacks of free movie streaming websites like Los movies is that their services sometimes oppose laws and regulations that protect the creator or content owner, which unfortunately may cause the platform to shut down.

When And Why Did LosMovies Shutdown?

Losmowicz was created in 2017 and closed down on 25 after legal action was taken against streaming sites because the legitimacy of streaming sites is controversial. Blurred validity of the streaming site because of these national websites used for streaming pirated content.

Therefore, users of LOSMOVIES had to switch to other options. In this blog, we present our top five opportunities that you can use to watch your favorite HD movies online, for free or to block loss movies!

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Top 5 Alternative for LosMovies

Although online movie streaming sites offer unlimited hours of free entertainment, however, our top 5 suggested alternatives of Los Movies will surely win you over.


Puttalkar is undoubtedly one of the largest and most popular videos streaming websites on the Internet. There are multiple reasons why Pulakar is popular, but most people know that he is ready for streaming a large selection of HD movies.

Put, Son Locker is a streaming platform, and it does not host content. Non-hosting of content and acting as an intermediary between the source and the viewer of the material makes the service more secure than downloading content.

It serves as a comprehensive index of movies and TV programs that can be broadcasted online without the need to download content as a way to search movies and TV programs around the world.

Putlocker’s great work is that it is secure, easy to use and features active links to thousands of HD movies on a single platform. Putlocker’s search engine makes it easy to find the content you want.

2. 123MOVIES

123 Movies with about 98 million views per month is another excellent movie-streaming platform that offers the latest free HD movies and TV shows. The best thing about 123 videos is a large number of films available

Recently released movies are added daily to the website. Millions of people use 123 videos from other popular paid streaming sites, including Netflix, Amazon, and Hallmark. Recently, 123Movies has also launched its app for Roku and Kodu device users.

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GOMovies is a highly recommended online free movie streaming site. The GOMovies streaming website offers an incredible range of both the latest and classic films.

If we talk about the user interface, GOMovies provides an excellently designed interface that lets you find your favorite movies without any hassle. Simplified category-based search and movie reviews make the selection process a breeze.

Although Gomowicz is among the best free movie streaming sites, if we are talking to the contrary, the most significant disadvantage of Gomowicz is the vast amount of advertising. There’s nothing you can do to avoid ads while watching your favorite movie, so be prepared to bomb the ads.


Subsomovies will surely impress you with its great classics and the vast range of the latest movies. Although the subsumes offer an impressive array of film and an easy-to-use user interface! Less popular subtitles about popular film streaming websites online.

There is no reason why we would not consider Subsavi to be an excellent option for Losmowicz. But you can often get interrupted by ads and pop-ups while enjoying your favorite movie on SubSky.


Without a doubt, Ethinuson is a South Asian online movie streaming website with 4000 legally licensed content. The Eighties offers a wide range of South Asians, especially Indian films for free in up to 9 regional languages ​​in India. Tamil, Hindi, and Telugu are the top three most popular categories of eight.

The user interface of the website is very impressive, and the website search engine is extremely accurate. The best thing about the Octagon is that it not only offers the latest and popular movies, but you will also find underrated flicks on the Octagon.

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