10 Best PokeZZ Alternatives for Android

10 Best PokeZZ Alternatives for Android: Whenever it comes to gaming on the Android platform around the world, an awesome location based Pokemon finding game called Pokemon GO can never be ignored. Remember Pikachu, one of the cutest and powerful Pokemon.

Pokemon GO game was developed by Niantic for the Android and iOS platform. As per statistics, Pokemon GO has a fan of the worldwide base and it is considered to be one of the most downloads, installed and played a game in Android gaming history.

What is PokeZZ?

PokeZZ is a Pokemon Tracker website that let you track real-time locations of the rare and favorite Pokemon according to the selected location. One of the main reason behind the popularity of this website is that it also shows the duration after which the Pokemon will disappear from that location. Therefore, you don’t need to get demotivated and save more of your valuable time.

While playing Pokemon GO, everyone knows that it takes a lot of time to go out and find out your favorite or rare Pokemon. Sometimes, you found it wasted your time in finding rare Pokemon on a non-suitable place. Therefore, keeping in that mind, many websites have been developed and one of them is Pokezz that let your search and find out Pokemon from the comfort of your home. Here it is, from the comfort of your home you can search and find out rare and your favorite Pokemon.

What is Pokemon Sniping?

Apart from that this website promises to give the accurate and real time location of the Pokemon which you want to catch. Albeit, this website features the Pokemon location rich list that gets updated every minute. Pokemon filtration is another feature provided by the PokeZZ that you can use to get can understand the position of your desired Pokemon around a location. Are you a gamer and looking for best castlevania games? checkout now.

In order words, rare Pokemon like Omastar, Charizard, Dragonair, etc can be easily caught. You can mark them under Pokemon filtration feature then you will be notified, or website will show you results only for that particular Pokemon. That’s how PokeZZ offer the best Pokemon Sniping feature.

However, if you are not satisfied with the service of PokeZZ or using it from a long time or not able to catch your desired Pokemon, then you can look for other best alternative to PokeZZ. Below, we have featured the list of top 10 alternative tp PokeZZ. Just give a complete look at the below article to get very detailed information.

List of Top 10 Best Alternative to PokeZZ for Android – Best Pokemon Go Hacks

1. Pokedex


On top of this list, we have Pokedex as the similar to PokeZZ that you can look for to know the accurate real-time location of rare and all Pokemon. This third party Pokemon Tracker Service also let you get the Pokemon of your wish by categorizing Pokemon.

Here, you will get accurate, trusted and verified information about the location, date, name, and type of the Pokemon.

2. PokeGoSnipers

Second, we have PokeGoSnipers. If you want to perform Pokemon Sniping on your android device, then PokeGoSnipers is a great choice for you. Using it, you get the verified and accurate information about location, a name of Pokemon. Their app has a clean and near interface.

The best part of PokeGoSnipers is that it only shows rare and decent Pokemon which is an entirely beneficial deal. Overall, PokeGoSnipers is a must try an app.

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3. PokeSensor


PokeSensor is an ideal Pokemon GO tracker website that let you find all rare and hidden Pokemons along with their IVs. You can also configure the radius of the scan circle. PokeSensor can scan around the radius of 2000 meters. PokeSensor is a great and user-friendly website in this list.

Apart from that this service can run in the background so that you will get Pokemon tracking and real-time locations while working on another side. You don’t need to go out of your comfort zone as you will get the exact location of your desired Pokemon. Are you using discord? you can fix can’t here people on discord issue now.

4. PokeTrack


Fourth, we have PokeTrack. This is another best alternative to PokeZZ that notify you whenever there is a Pokemon located nearby. You can use this application on the Android platform. Moreover, it provides every important information regarding Pokemon such as their name, moves, IV rate level and more.

You can set this application such that whenever a Pokemon is identified nearby it will use a custom notification sound. Even, you can share the location of Pokemon with your friends.

PokeTrack is a one-stop solution for all rare Pokemon and Pokemon with high IV level lovers. This app is available for all devices of the Android platform. It gives you complete information regarding a particular Pokemon like its name, IV rate level, moves, features, and other highlights.

You can enrich your Pokedex easily by using this Android app. Moreover, you can also send the locations of Pokemon with your friends. Even, you can also set a custom notification for a particular Pokemon. Therefore, when that particular Pokemon found nearby you then you will get a push notification from PokeTrack android app.

5. PokeSniper


Here we have PokeSniper another best Pokemon tracking service to perform Pokemon Sniping. If you love to have Pokemon with a high Level of IV, then PokeSniper will be a good choice. Moreover, you will get the Pokemon with great IV rate level by joining their premium subscription. This website will automatically notify you whenever a new Pokemon as per your configuration comes in nearby. It will automatically give users a notification whenever a Pokemon with the same IV level meets with your preferred configuration.

Using this, you can search, find for the Pokemons in specific areas and get the list of Best of rare Pokemon along with their coordinates and name. The best thing is that it covers Pokemon with a high level of IV for example 90+ IV level.

Albeit, PokeSniper will push a notification to you wherever a rare or high IV level Pokemon is nearby you. Even, you can catch Pokemon with 100% IV level by joining their premium membership.

6. PokeSpawns


In the middle of this list, we have PokeSpawns. PokeSpawns is developed and initiated by PokeHuntr. This third party website let you know the accurate real time location of rare and your favorite Pokemon. Here, you also get the accurate coordinates, a name of Pokemon. They also feature their expiration time as well. Moreover, if you are a rare Pokemon lover, then you don’t need to go anywhere because PokeSpawns is best for you.

7. PokiiMap


This list will remain incomplete if we do not feature PokiiMap in this list. If you don’t find any of the above listed PokeZZ Alternatives the best, then you can try PokiiMap. This third party application software is a great medium to find out the exact location of rare and all favorite Pokemon. So, if you are willing to catch the very rare Pokemon, then it can be real.

The best of PokiiMap is that it supports the latest Gen II Pokemon series. Therefore, PokiiMap is a must try app available for the Android platform.

8. Pokehunter


Second last in this list, we have another best alternative of PokeZZ called Pokehunter. Using this app, you can easily find rare Pokemon that is one of the reasons why it is one of the most popular apps. In their website, you have to select an area and hit the enter button. Once done, Pokemon rich locations will appear in front of you.

Whenever a Pokemon is located nearby, it will mark the Pokemon. You will quickly find a good number of Pokemon using Pokehunter. If you are serious about finding rare Pokemon, then Pokehunter will be the best choice.

Summing Up

Above we have briefly discussed the similar to PokeZZ that you can look to catch your desired Pokemon without wasting your valuable time in finding them physically. We hope this article helped you. Don’t forget to comment below guys if you have any questions and feel free to ask if you find any problems while using any of the above alternative websites of PokeZZ.

Also, mention below which Pokemon you like to most. Let us know if you are aware of any other best alternative to PokeZZ that must be listed here.