So, you want to create an unlimited Gmail account without a phone number? Well, You are in the right place. Today, everyone has at least one Gmail account but in some daily life activities, we need more than one Gmail account.

However, after creating 1 or 2 make accounts with the same number, Google does not verify another Gmail account with the same number.

Therefore, for our beloved readers, we came back with another best guide that how easily and quickly to can create Gmail without verifying phone numbers.

Today, everyone has its Gmail account. It is a Google account that lets us stay connected with the world, sending and receiving official and unofficial emails and more.

Most of the users want to have more than 2-3 Gmail accounts but due to the phone number verification process, Google won’t let them do. Google requires this because of stay away from spammers.

Therefore, you have to verify your phone number to let Google know that you are not a spammer.

All you need to do is just follow the below guide to sign up Gmail without a phone. Most of the bloggers and Email marketers need an email for marketing their products and blog.

So, in this guide, I am going to show you how to make a Gmail account without the phone. Also, check this guide on how to remove the password from RAR file.

How to Get Unlimited Gmail Account Without Phone Number

Method 1:- Using Youwave Android Emulator or BlueStack

1. First of all download and install Youwave Android Emulator or BlueStack on your computer (We prefer Youwave Android Emulator because it is convenient and easy to use).

2. Open You wave Android Emulator.

signup gmail without phone

3. Go to Settings> Accounts & sync> Add account.

4. Here simply select Google.

5. Now click on New.

6. Here you have to fill your name, username, and CAPTCHA.

7. Hurrah 😍! You have successfully created Gmail accounts without phone number verification.

Note:- Every-time creating a new Gmail account you have to remember the following points:-

i- Reconnect your internet connection every time.

ii- Factory reset Youwave Android Emulator every time.

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Method 2:- Simply using Browser

This is one of the best methods as you don’t need any technical knowledge. You don’t have to dig deep in any preferences. All you have to do is follow the below steps accurately.

1. The first thing you need is a new IP address, by disconnecting and reconnecting your internet connection. Just turn OFF and then turn ON your Wi-Fi router.

2. Now open the browser.


3. Move to preferences> Clem History, Cookies, and Cache here.

4. Now open Gmail.

5. Go for a new account. Simply fill all the required details.

6. Now fill the recovery email. It is a mandatory step.

Note:- Every time creating a new Gmail account you have to remember the following points:-

i- Reconnect your internet connection every time for new IP address
ii- Clean history, cookies, cache in your browser.

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Method 3:- By Removing Phone Number

In this third method, we will perform a little trick in the Gmail account. In very simple words, we will remove your current phone number from your previous Gmail account. That’s it. After removing the phone number you will be able to this phone number for another Gmail account phone number verification. With the hand, you have to provide a recovery email address.

1. The first thing you have to do is log in to your Gmail account.

2. When successfully login, click on the settings icon. The settings icon will be located on the top right corner.

3. Here a number of options will appear. Simply click on Settings.

4. Now click on an Accounts and Import option.

5. Here click on Change password recovery options.

6. Now a window will popup. Just scroll down to the Account recovery option. Click on it

7. Here click on the Recovery phone option.

8. Here you have to provide the password. After that click on Edit.

9. Now simply click on Remove number and Voila! You have successfully removed your phone number from your Gmail Account.

Video Tutorial

Note:- We recommend providing a recovery email address. In case, if you forget your email account password in the future then you can recover it using an email address.

Final Words

Above we have provided the best three methods to create an unlimited Gmail account without phone number verification. We hope this article helped you. Don’t forget to comment below guys if you know any other best way to signup Gmail account without phone verification that must be listed here. Have a nice day. TechVictoria!!