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All the iOS users are bothered by paying apps in the Apple App Store because of spending a lot of money to buy paid apps from the App Store. While placing an iOS device (iPhone / iPad), we all came up with the thought of what if we could download all the paid apps in the Apple App Store for free. Well, Jailbreak is the best solution in all of these situations. However, not all iOS users tend to jailbreak their iOS devices because it warrants the equipment, and there is some risk in that process of jailbreaking your devices.

If one thinks how to download paid applications for free on your iPhone or Cydia tweets, therefore, we have come up with an app that is a one-stop solution – iOSEmus. With this application, you can download some unprecedented modified and tweaked apps for iPhone and iPad for free. iOSEmus offers a platform where you can download paid apps from the Apple App Store. It provides applications with some pro versions of games and advanced features like Pokemon Go, Instagram, Facebook, and more, which are not available in the official app. Learn how to download and install iOSEmus on any iOS device.

IOSEmus is one of the best app installers and imitators that lets you download free apps and games on iDevices. IOSEmus is a free Cydia option. The best part of this is that it does not require a jailbroken device, which means you can download apps and tweets without jailbreak, and no Apple ID is required to download the app. It is compatible with all iOS devices. The iOSEmus app is available for all iOS versions such as iOS 10, 10.1, 10.2.1, iOS 11, and iOS 12 and later. It was developed by “AiiR.”

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Download install iOSEmus iPhone iPad

When you want to download the paid apps and games from the Apple App Store, we all want to step back. Very few of us like to spend our hard-earned money downloading an app or game. However, there is always an attraction to paid apps and games. The same goes for Tweeted iOS apps and games. Not all iOS users will like jailbreaking their iOS devices. We are going to share with you a solution through this article which you can download iconic apps and games in addition to downloading ticked iOS apps and games on a free iPhone / iPad without fake breaks. Surprise? Yes! We were also when we first heard it. The solution comes in the form of an application that goes by the name of ‘ iOSEmus.’

From IOSEmus, you can download a plethora of tweaked and modified iOS apps and games to your iPhone / iPad. Also, you will find a significant number of applications on iOSEmus that fall into the category of claims provided in the App Store but are available for free on iOSEmus. In a nutshell, with iOSEmus, you can download and install all the apps and games that will not get a chance to be featured in the official App Store due to Apple’s limited policies and guidelines.

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The cool part of downloading iOSEmus on your iPhone / iPad is that you don’t need jailbreaking your iPhone / iPad. You can think of iOSEmus as the Cydia of a non-jailbroken iOS device. With a vast list of tweets, hacks, and modified iOS applications, iOSEmus doesn’t even ask for your Apple ID for installation work. Following are some more features of this great application:

1. You can access Cydia Tweets on your non-jail broken iPhone / iPad.
2. The application’s user interface is simple enough to understand and navigate.
3. The app comes with an inbuilt memory and cache cleaner.
4. Here the organization of applications in alphabetical order.

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                           How to install iOSEmus for free pay applications:

The mere installation of the iOSEmus app on your iPhone and iPad will not be enough and will not allow you to download Cydia tweets without jailbreak or download and install free applications without the need for iOS and PC on iPhone and iPad.

So in the next part of the article, we will show you the proper usage and provide you with guidance on how to use the iOSEmus App Installer to download ticked and modified applications for free on devices.

Click on the green checkmark that appears next to the app to download any app from iOSEmus. After you download the specific app when you open the app, you will see the popup message shown in the image below.

So to use the applications downloaded from the iOSEmus app, we need to “trust” the app’s developer in our profile and device management settings. Follow the instructions provided to modify the settings on your device.

First – open “Settings” and then press “General” on your iOS device and open
Second – select “Manage Profiles and Devices” displayed there and open it.
Third – click on the developer name that appears under the Enterprise App section.
Fourth – Tap on Trust “China Mobile Group Heilongjiang Company …” or any other developer’s name shown in blue.
Fifth – Tap Trust again in the request window.
Sixth – Enjoy the app !!!

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