How To Extend or Remove Trial Period From Any Software

Confused? How to extend or reset the trial period of any software? Yes! Then, you at the right place. All the software can be divided into three categories. The first category caries software that is completely free to download and use. The second category includes software that is paid.

Either you have to spend some money to buy them or some functions are locked. So, you have to pay to the developer to get premium content unlocked. And, the third category is of software that is of the trial period.

This third category of software includes application software that is available on trial period. In that trial period, you get access to all the premium content and settings, options of the software. Once the trial period is over, you have to pay some cash and get the whole software. Let’s take a recent example, YouTube has now featured three months add free period for free. You may also like to download snapchat++ apk for windows.

You will not see any advertisements on any YouTube video. After three months, you can buy this premium service.

However, if some kind of software is fulfilling our needs in the trial period and the premium version of that software is a big expensive then why opt to buy the premium version if the trial period is doing work done expertly. Thus, below we have featured the best 3 methods that you can follow to extend or reset the trial period of any application software.

List of Methods to Extend or Reset Trial Period of Any Software

Method 1: By Deleting Registry

The first method is by deleting the registry which is the best method to follow this time. So let’s start…

1. First of all, if you have installed any other software to extend the trial period then you have to uninstall it first.

2. Now, click on the window icon and search for RUN.

3. Now, type below command in the Run window:


4. Now, hit the enter button.

5. In this window, find an option called HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE and click on it.

6. Now, click on the software which you want to extend the trial period.

7. Here, look for an option called HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software then click on it.

8. Again, delete the name of the software which you want to extend the trial period.

9. Once done, close the registry window.

10. Next, again open RUN window from the start menu and type below command in RUN Window:


11. Now, hit the enter button.

12. A new window will pop-up with the list of temporary files. Just delete all of them. Ignore those who are not deleting.

13. Now, head to the desktop screen.

14. The open the computer then clicks on C Drive.

15. Now, open folder Appdata.

16. In Appdata, three folders can be found namely Locallow, Roaming and Local.

17. Open and check then delete all instances of the related software if found.

18. Now, restart your PC once then install the application once again.

19. Voila! You have extended the trial period of the application.

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Method 2: Using RunAsDate Software

RunAsDate is the best application you can install on your Windows PC to extend or reset the trial period of an application. This software works very well and makes the work done.


1. First of all, Download the RunAsDate application on your PC.

2. Once downloaded, install it as well.

3. Now, use the homepage of the RunAsDate and browse the application whose trial period you want to extend.

4. Once the software is selected, select the date and time.

5. Hit the OK button.

6. Here, a desktop icon of the application will be created. You only need to open the application through the desktop icon of the application.

7. Voila! You have successfully extended the trial period of an application.

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Method 3: Using Time Stopper Software

The third and best method to extend or reset the trial period of software is by using an app called Time Stopper Software. Yes! It actually stops the trial period of an application. This application offers a decent and user-friendly interface. You will not face any restrictions while using this application. So, follow the below steps to extend or reset the trial period of any software:-

timestopper software

1. First of all, Download the Time Stopper Software on your PC.

2. Once, you have successfully downloaded the Time Stopper Software then install it.

3. After installation successful, open Time Stopper Software and browse the .exe application software you are looking to extend the trial period.

4. Now, you have to select a particular date and time. You can select as per your wish.

5. Here, a desktop icon of that particular application software is created on the desktop screen.

6. Voila! You have successfully extended the trial period of the application software.

Note: Now, always use the desktop icon to use the particular application software. Deleting this desktop icon will end the trial period which is being created.

Summing Up

Here we have provided the best methods to extend or reset the trial period of any software. We hope this article helped you. Don’t forget to comment below guys if you face any problem while extending or resetting the trial period of any software with any of the above-featured methods. Have a nice day. TechVictoria!!