As we all know that RAR files are the best companion of us when we need to download any big data files. There are a number of benefits of the RAR file.

The first thing is the big data files are converted into compressed files which save a lot of space and the second is RAR files are easily portable. Sometimes, we get RAR files with encryption.

So, how can we remove the password from that RAR file? Don’t worry!! We are here only for you guys. You just need to follow the below guide with patience to the benefit.

Remove Password from RAR file Without using Any Software

As we have already discussed the benefits of having RAR files as they are compressed and easily portable. Sometimes, when we download a RAR file, it comes encrypted with password protection.

On the alongside, if we don’t know the password then how can we use the RAR file for our purpose? Here in this article, we have the answer. You can use below two methods to remove a password from a RAR file without using any third-party application.

Method 1: Using Notepad

Yes! We will use Notepad to remove the password from a RAR file. It is one of the easiest and the best method you can follow. You don’t need any technical skills or anything. You just have to follow the below steps:-

1- First of all move to the RAR file which you like to remove the password.

2- Now, right-click on the RAR file then open it with Notepad.

3- Here, head to the second line, then search the following keywords:-


4- When you found them, then simply replace the keywords as follows:-

>> Replace ’IžC0 with �IžC0
>> Replace Ûtà� with 5³tà�’

5- After keywords replacement successful than simply click on Save.

6- After all done, simply open the saved file with RAR.

7- Voila! Now it is not asking for any password.

8- Congratulations! You have successfully removed the password from the RAR file.

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Method 2: Using Online Zip Converter

Here we have another easiest and quickest method to remove the password from the RAR file without using any third-party application. Make sure you have a good working internet connection so that the method can work properly.

This website will convert your RAR file into zip format and on the same side, it will also remove the password from the RAR file. Therefore, follow the below steps with patience:-

1- Click HERE to open Online Zip Converter.

2- Here, look for the Choose file option.


3- Now the next thing to do is select the targeted Zip file.

4- Once done, click on Convert File option

5- Here the process will begin.

6-First the file will be uploaded to a server then converted into a Zip file.

7- Now, Online Zip Converter will also remove the password from it.

8- When done, simply download the Zip file and you will find that the password got removed.

9- Congratulations! You have successfully removed the password from the RAR file using Online Zip Converter.

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Final Words

Here we have listed the best two ways to remove the password from the RAR file without using any third-party application software. Don’t forget to drop your comment below which RAR file password removal method you find the best and also let us know if you have knowledge about any other password removal method of RAR file that must be listed here in this list. Have a nice day. TechVictoria!!