How to use Discord on Phone & PC

How to use Discord on phone and PC? Discord is a standalone freeware VoIP application. It is also a digital distribution platform designed primarily for the video gaming community – specializing in text, image, video, and audio communication among users of a chat channel. Discord runs on Windows, Macs, Android, iOS, and Linux and web browsers. As of July 21, 2019, the software has more than 250 million unique users.

Discord is a free app that combines aspects of voice chat with services such as Skype and TeamSpeak, with aspects of Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and text chat of various instant messaging services. It is available as a standalone desktop or mobile application, but it is also possible to access Discord through a web-based application run on web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.

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What is Discord Used For?

Discord was created for online gamers as a free alternative to voice chat services like TeamSpeace, Mumble and Ventrilo. These services exist to facilitate voice over IP (VoIP) communication between members of gaming clubs, guilds, and other groups. Instead of using voice communication tools built into games that are often substandard, lacking in features or completely absent, gamers use these services to play together.
The downside to most VoIP services is that they need a server that is usually not free. While some regular game servers are hired, some hosting companies provide a free VoIP server, but there are usually some costs associated with running a TeamSpeace, molten or Ventrilo server.
Discord offers similar services at no cost. The Discord app is free, it’s free to sign up to a Discord account and anyone can create a Discord server for free.

Distribution vs. Web Version, Discord desktop App

Discord is available as a web app that runs in most modern browsers, and you can also download a desktop version for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. The desktop and web versions of Discord are virtually identical in almost every way and they even look almost the same.
That said, there are some differences between the browser and desktop versions of Discord. In desktop applications, To-Talk is always enabled; In web applications, push-to-talk only works when the brush window is in focus, so it is unavailable while playing. The desktop version allows you to show your friends what your games are playing. The main advantage of the web version is that it does not require any downloads, so you can use it on any computer, anywhere, without having to download and install anything.

If you use a large amount of Discord, like downloading a desktop app, but the web app is great because it lowers the bar for entry. For example, say you are playing a game with your friends, and you want to invite an outside player to a voice chat. They need to download the app, create an account, and enter your server information, along with a service such as TeamSpace or Ruffle. With Discord, all they have to do is click on your invitation link, type in a temporary username if they don’t already have one and they’re ready to go.

1. Install the App:

Open the Play Store on your Android. This is a multi-colored triangle in the app drawer (often in a white briefcase)
Type disc in the search box. A list of matched search results will appear.
Tap Discord – Chat for gamers. This will open the Discord page in the Play Store.
Tap Install. When the installation is complete, the “Install” button will change to “Open” and a blue icon with a white game controller will appear in the app drawer.

2. Log in to Decline:

Open the discord inside it is a light blue icon with a white smile game controller. You can usually find it in the app drawer or on the home screen.
Cancel your email address and password. You used the email address and password you used to sign up for Discord.
If you don’t have one yet, need an account? Tap on? To sign up.
Tap Login. You should now see your Discord home screen.

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3. Direct messaging

4. Joining a server

5. Joining the chat channel

6. Creating a Server

7. Logging out

What are the Benefits of having a Community in Discord?

Imagine being a fan of a game series and hearing about the long-awaited sequel. You can go to Discord, find and join the official server of a sequel or game series. With Discord, you’re immediately connected to a group of people who are as excited about the game as you are. Then, while chatting how much you love the series, one of the developer’s pauses and thanks to you for your support and a kind word. Imagine asking them your feedback on something and when you provide them with a suggestion, they say that they will add it to the new game and you will be filled with pride and excitement.

When people become part of something that they truly enjoy and for which they feel valued, they become a fan and turn into a superfan. When this happens, your new superfans can become megaphones, equipping your company, games, services, webcomics and more around the world. As a result, it can engage more people in your communities, spread your word, and eventually more people start buying your game. When you interact with your fans in a meaningful and enjoyable way, you’ll have the chance to turn them into superfans.

You can engage your fans to help improve your product. Discord creates a great central location for people all over the world to start and operate PlayStations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Imagine how you would like to have ideas about pre-alpha creation, given to a group of people you trust because they are active, supportive, friendly members of your community, have a long weekend, and when you come back you have pages for thoughts, discussions and useful feedback — equipped for. Not only is this scenario possible, but it’s also happening right now.

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Valuable Feedback

Discord opens a brand new world for collecting opinions. We invite a group of people to your office over the weekend and watch your alpha build play 24 hours. Here is our suggestion to play PlayStation through your Discord server so you can go back to enjoy your weekend. Reward the active, helpful, friendly members of your community by inviting you to join their plates. You can create another vanity role to differentiate your players from your ordinary server members (you’ll see that people love the role). The new player will be joining your server, the users have this role and will work towards getting it. It is strongly recommended that anyone who agrees to play the test is made to sign the NDA. Upload the build to Discord to do this you need to set up a developer account with Discord. It doesn’t require a one-time fee to access it, but the benefits you get from it are worth it. The rest of this article assumes you fully follow the steps on that page.

Create a channel where only your Play testers can see where they can discuss the build and another channel for them to respond to. To create a new text channel, click the “+” button next to the appropriate channel section on the left side of your screen and name it something appropriate.

“Who can access this channel?” Under the section, turn the toggle next to your playlist role. Also consider adding moderators, developers, and anyone else who can benefit from accessing this channel. When you’re ready, click “Create Channel”. Now, create another channel and now call it “Playtest Response” if you have a channel dedicated to people’s opinions and suggestions, and moderators have instructions on how to delete something that fits that criteria, all of your specific PlayStation responses for quick and easy reference.

At this point, all playlists will need to start the keys to your game build. Unlike some services where you have to request those, Isolation lets you create a number of keys for your game whenever you want on the Developer Portal. Consider sending them directly to your players, as all of them will encourage the public to give extras to players who are not on the PlayStation and are not under the NDA. If you have clear instructions for the players, you can start focusing on the end of the playlist. Read the response when ready for while you can let PlayStation play itself, it’s always a good idea and part of the conversation.


Discord is a text, voice, and video chat app dedicated to gamers around the world. This free app focuses on the hassle-free voice and text chat experience while building games and communities outside of the game.
When using Discord, you participate in themed servers that anyone who is logged into the application can create. Others with the invitation or partnership link can join the same servers. Server administrators can host text and voice channels that members use to discuss various topics. Although Discord is a target market gamer, D Discord has more than 87 million users and plans to control $ 1.7 billion of voice chat using many other interested groups, such as music, art, entrepreneurship, and spirituality and so on. The app is completely free to use and there are no future charge plans for its key features. The main goal of the application is to provide a hassle-free communication platform for everyone. In addition, the company also emphasized integrating its voice chat service into the gaming industry. It provides a free tool (Game Bridge) that helps developers integrate the app into their games. Other features such as rich presence and stream kit are also provided free of charge, which lets game developers list the game in their app (which users can choose as the game they are playing right now) and integrates other applications like Twitch, including apps like Game Ship. Operating among gamers gives the app a huge advantage of capitalizing on the impact of the network where its value increases as more users join it. The company is worth about $ 700 million with a recent $ 20 million investment.

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