Are you looking for a website that is fulfilled with a suite of tools? If yes, then you definitely know about OrcPub which is considered as the best place to find every tool. But unfortunately, OrcPub discontinued providing their services because of some policies. So, in this post, I am going to share the best Orcpub alternatives which will provide you the same experience.

What is Orcpub?

Orcpub is one of the most popular and cheapest websites for providing a suite of tools for Dungeons and Dragons of 5th Edition. This website is fully focused on creating tabletop gameplay that eventually makes the gameplay really simple and smoother for the players.

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You can easily build homebrew content without having any additional knowledge and professional skills. The best thing is that all the contract provided on this website is absolutely free.

Best Orcpub Alternatives

1. D&D Beyond

D&D Beyond is the most emerging website for providing an authorized digital toolset for Dungeons & Dragons’ fifth edition. However, this is the best digital replacement for printed books and twitch integration. You can also find character builders, digital character sheets, monster, spell listings, and many other useful items.

The best thing about this platform is that the regularly posted original content like videos, articles, and streams. Basically, their main source of income is selling digital content.

Pricing Information

Hero Tier:

  • Anually – $25.99/yr
  • Semi Anually – $14.99/6 mos
  • Monthly – $2.99/mo

In this tier, you will get unlimited characters and Initial access to new tools. Also, you are allowed to add publicly-shared homebrew content without any requirements.

2. Talespire

As an OrcPub Alternative, Talespire becomes the best way for playing classic P&P Role-playing games with your friends and family members. Also, you can easily invite the players for the sessions directly from this platform.

They have a fairly game independent system of processing rules that eventually increases the gaming experience and users’ trust. Talespire has the largest selection of resources from which you can easily select any of them. It is a terrific spot where building and play happen throughout the entire play round.

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Pricing Information

One time purchase varying between $20 and $25. Also, you will get a perpetual license at the time of buying.

3. ROLL 20

If you are looking for a website with more powerful features like dynamic lighting, Video & Voice Chat Support, Dice Rolls, and many other awesome features. This website is created by The Orr Group, LLC which is completely web-based.

There are many elegantly reasonable character-building tools are available to use and the best thing that you can run these tools can directly in your web browser. Roll 20 provides an amazing experience of enhancing storytelling games with the help of drawing tools, simple handouts, secret whispers, and many others.

Pricing Information

You need to pay $5 and $10 according to the subscription. Also, note that the official price may be different and can be dependent on commitment.

4. Beyond Tabletop

Beyond Tabletop is another great alternative to Orcpub that has been around among us for years. The platform offers a set of tools for role-playing game players. One of the best things that this website is subscription-free based and can be used on all devices online.

Additionally, the platform is a dedicated platform that is built for the Pathfinder. It has multiple easy-to-use online character sheets and maps specially designed with the help of HTML5 technology.

You can gain access to the platform at

5. Rolisteam

Rolisteam is a well-designed open-source platform that provides multiple features with the help of which you can manage tabletop role-playing games. It provides you to share maps, pictures, and many other rich contents so you can get better  RPG games to experience around your table.

Rolisteam is considered as a great Orcpub alternative because it has almost every feature that you need. Some of the great features are listed below:

  • Music player
  • Drawing tool (to draw the map on the fly).
  • Rich text Editor.
  • Dice rolling
  • Secret dice rolling
  • Share pictures
  • Share maps

This website is becoming popular all over the world because we always try to improve the User experience and their tools for better results.

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Thanks for visiting our website and giving your precious time to read this article. I hope you get all the information related to the best alternative of Orcpub and all of them are helping you to build homebrew content at a very fast rate. We pick up each alternative after so many explorations and very well research.

So if you have any questions or suggestions related to these alternatives then please provide us in the comment section or you can reach us using the contact form of our website. I will be happy to help you out. Have a nice day!