What is Premium Link Generator?

These are the tools, websites that allow you to download free RapidGator, TurboBit, etc. from free premium file-hosting sites without waiting and at high speed.
Literally, a premium link generator gives you a premium link to a file without having a premium account or access, which means you enjoy all the benefits of a premium user for free, and you can use it on your Android or computer.

Why Should You Use Premium Link Generator?

You need a free, stable premium link generator for your daily life, especially when you download many files from the Internet. People download torrent. Others use IDM; the rest get full premium and download from premium file host.
It is my experience, the best form of download is using Internet Download Manager because it is fast, and the files do not have to depend on the number of peers and seeds. Once a file is uploaded, IDM will download it ASAP.

Many people upload free and premium files to file files on hosting websites, but premium file-hosting sites are best for both uploaders and downloaders because there are more security, speed, storage, and all these premium goodies.
Not everyone has funds to buy a premium account across all the premium hosting websites, which is why they need premium link generators. Previously there was known as a laser; Some people still call them leechers.

So with a sizeable working 4shared premium link generator, you don’t have to be discouraged when you see a quick or uploaded download link because you know that it takes a lot of time to download as a free user on premium hosting sites, and eventually, the download will start, you will find some. It’s just too slow to beg them for a free download.



Pro Leap is a great and easy online tool. You can create a premium link with ProLeach. Pro Junk is a free Premium Link Generator website that allows a user to access premium features.
Please visit the official website of Pro Junk using the button below.

Login to the Pro Zank website
If you are not log in sign up on the Pro Zank website
Paste the link
Click the Generate button after pasting the link.

2. Leech.ninja

Leap Ninja is an online tool from which you can create a premium link for free. The Leap Ninja app is free and safe to use. Rapigator Premium Account can quickly be created from the leaked Ninja website. Follow the steps below to create a Rapidagator Premium account.



PremiumLeach is a notable website that uses worldwide. This website helps users get premium links.
With the help of these steps, you can create a premium link:
The first step is to open PremiumLeach’s official website (see below link).

When opening the page, you have the option where you have to paste the link for which premium link you want to generate.
Copy the link from the website and paste it into the box provided for each premium
I agree to the Terms of Service
Click the Generate Premium Link button

4. Hungryleech

Hungerlich is a website from which we can generate premium links. We can use the Hungry Leap website to create the Rapidigator Premium link.

Please visit the official website of Hungry Yoke at tap on the button below.
When opening a hungry website, you’ll see a box in the center of your page.

Copy and paste the link to create the link.
Click I agree to the Terms of Service.

And click Generate Premium Link
Now, you’ve successfully created a premium link



Kokolich is a popular website used to generate premium links around the world. Kokolich Rapidagator is famous for producing premium account links. Kokolich is a notable website and easy to use. We can create Rapidadgeter Premium Link using the Coco Yank website.

Visit the Official Website homepage of Coco Joke Tap on the button below
When you open the top of the website, you will see a column where you need to enter the link

Copy and paste the link in the provided column
And click the green Generate button
You have successfully created a premium link

6. Lee Chall

Lee Chall

Lee Chall is an online premium link generating tool used by users worldwide. All users can create a premium link for free using Li Ch. Lee CH is an easy-to-use website with no charge for their users. We can create a fast premium account using all of Lee Chall.

7. Revown

Revown has rebranded their site to Revown Cloud. They have changed their interface, and with their new interface update, Revown Cloud now shows traffic information that gives users the maximum amount of GB they can use per premium host.
Revown is the best-uploaded premium link generator because they have a dedicated UpDone Premium Link Generator with 84৮ mirror and T৩ TB storage space. You can download up to 1GB per hour for free in different mirrors, which means you have unlimited access to download uploaded files as a premium user using this uploaded premium link generator.

8. Deepbrid


DeepBrid is the best free premium link generator and overall best because they allow you to download up to five files with a maximum of 1.2 GB per file without registering as a free user download DipBrid’s slogan is that your links are served immediately and are accurate.

9. Dasan


Dasan is an expensive premium link generator that lets you create unlimited premium links from file hosts and download at full speed.
They support popular premium file hosting sites such as keep2share.cc, filejoker.net, novafile.com, takefile.link, uploadgig.com, upstore.net, fileboom.me, filefox.cc, quickgator.net, upload.net, and + 50 filehosts.

10. Big speed

Big Speed ​​is a reliable website where users can create a premium link. Big speed cloud files and other storage space allow websites to access links as a premium from a wide range of data.

In these few steps, you can create a premium account for Rapidagator:
Go to the official website of BigSpeed ​​by tapping the button below
Click on the login panel in the upper right corner
Login with your account details
Copy the link and paste it into a column
And click on Premiumize it
You have finished the generation process.

11. LeachAll.Com

LeachAll is one of the most popular website known for its premium services like massive link generating, fast procedure and many other things. The best thing about LeachAll is that you will get 10-15 file hosting services with different unique qualities.

If we talk about the interface of the website then it attracts users from all over the world. You will be allotted data in GB by the system of the website and this is the only limitation that you will face.

12. Generator Link Premium

Generator link premium is also another helpful website for the users who wants to get premium link generating services in a very less time. You will be surprised after knowing that this website has more than 12000 followers on their social media handles.

Generate link premium is known for providing Security Services by using capture and this is one of the biggest reason of its popularity. This website has a great potential of serving more than 10 websites at a time.

13. Gigaleecher

Gigaleecher is the most emerging platform when we talk about premium link generators. This website has build the trust among the peoples because it provides amazing user interface with great usability and reliability.

The best thing about this premium link generator is that you can continue with your downloads from the same point where are you pause your campaign. They regularly maintained their website by removing minor bugs and improving the site security.

14. Premium Uploaded

As the name suggest, this website always provide premium uploaded features with great user dashboard. It is one of the fastest website for generating links and downloading files in just seconds. But the only disadvantage is that you need to to buy their premium membership which is not affordable by many peoples.

15. Vnz-leech

Vnz-leech is known for its simplicity and excellent user interface so anyone can use their service easily. The website fully navigates you to search your files directly and then copy and paste it In their servers. When my suggestion if you are looking for a website which provides great services with simple look then    Vnz-leech should be your first priority.


Rapigator is a popular website that allows any user to upload data or a file. Everyone needs a backup, which we strongly recommend you to use for faster websites. In this context, we have mentioned the top 10 sites where you can create a Rapigator Premium Link. There are many additional benefits that you can get in premium features. Using these sites provided, you can get a Rapidigator Premium Link Generator for free. All websites checked at the time of writing the article. You can ask any questions in the comments section below.


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