Do you love playing paper-and-pencil role-playing games? If yes, then you would know about the Roll20, where you can find a reliable set of easy-to-use digital tools that can efficiently run directly in your browser.

What is Roll20?

Roll20 is one of the best freemium websites that provide a terrific set of tools by which you can conveniently expand pen and paper tabletop games and get a better experience of playing online with friends. This platform is entirely web-based, and it is very responsive when we think about the compatibility of the background music character sheets, video and voice chat, and many other things.

The website uses advanced technology building tools the potential to create a virtual tabletop, compendium using HTML5 latest updated Technology.

But as we know, there are lots of essential features and tools that are not available in Roll20. That’s why we need Roll20 alternatives with exciting elements. However, all the options we will provide you in the list of best sites like Roll20 are easy to use and gives you multiple ways to enhance your storytelling game skills.

List of the best Roll20 alternatives in 2020:

1. Rolisteam

Rolisteam is the most capable Virtual Table that lets users to play high-quality role-playing games and supports multi-user interaction. It is beneficial for everyone who wants to play real games online with their friends.

One of the best things about this platform that it provides 256-bit SSL encryption, which helps its users to protect data and privacy. There is no need to download additional software you can run it on the default web browser directly.

You will get the realistic experience of physical table and games like organizing character sheets, moving figures around on a map, and many others. Undoubtedly, it is the perfect website where you will get dynamic3D dice rolling feature, which helps you to play faster than before.

2. Beyond Tabletop

As a Roll20 Alternative, beyond tabletop effective software that provides Ultimate setup tools to improve our gaming experience. However, it is compatible with all digital game conversions. This platform is very well known for delivering new features and functions regularly.

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Undoubtedly, it is perhaps the best online simulator for role-playing games. Beyond Tabletop consist of various templates and appreciates the complexity of tools. It has the potential to manage, create, host your tabletop games.

3. Fantasy Grounds

Fantasy Grounds is another immensely popular online simulator which is helpful to facilitate gameplay of role-playing games. This is a platform where the players found their desired content. On the other hand, this website can cost players a considerable amount of money for purchasing campaigns and value packs.

As we know that, Fantasy Grounds has official licenses from Wizards of the coasts that eventually provide us the ultimate experience of original enemy and characters. It is the most supported Virtual Tabletop and can be the best alternative of Roll20.

The Lightning is handled via simple hex code colors and never caused you any memory issues. The best thing that it comes preloaded with rulesets supporting cooperative play for Dungeons and Dragons.

4. Power Virtual Tabletop

Power Virtual Tabletop is a free easy to use powerful platform that allows users to build and play virtual role-playing games online. Ultimately it supports video clips, background songs, character sheets, and many other things.

There are also some advanced features available in the software that makes you satisfied. The drag and drop feature makes your work more comfortable and enables you to organize characters sheets and items on the map.

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Surprisingly it can reduce the burden of GM. Also, you have the alternate option to play games in groups or solo. But if you want to get the full benefit of the software, then you need to install it.

5. SameSurf

SameSurf is an incredible real-time visa engagement Technology that enables multiple remote users to interact with each other without any special requirements. Basically, it is a core browsing platform that can provide screen share from anywhere in the world.

It is a freemium software which means that you can use it for both free and paid. But in the free version, there are very limited features, so we always prefer to go with a paid membership, which starts $10/month. Users can use it for content management, document management, real-time editing, video conferencing, and many other things.

The best thing about this platform that it works on any device and supports any kind of content. So if you are searching for the best sites like Roll20, then Samesurf can be a perfect choice for you.

6. Noizio

Noizio is a well-known Roll20 alternative that helps you to raise your efficiency or productivity when you are trying to concentrate on the work by giving great stuffs. This website always focused on delivering the best quality with a full palette of natural sounds.

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You can easily set up a sound environment for your favorite activities and surround it yourself when you are studying or doing any work. So in my suggestion, it can be the right choice if you want to get relaxed with pleasant sounds. It is free and has an active development team.

If you want to use this platform, then you can follow the official link by clicking here.

7. MapTool

MapTool is one of the most recommended Roll20 alternatives that provide lots of stuff like online, multiuser, networked, graphical, interactive, programmable virtual tabletop for free. It is an open-source website that requires Java 6+ for better performance. Maptool involves a lot of time invested in running smoothly.

RPTools create this software for the players who love to play role-playing games in real-time. However, it works explicitly significant with voice-chat services. Undoubtedly, community forums of the software are expectational well where you can find a solution to your doubts in just seconds. The most useful thing in the software is that you can integrate third-party apps on the platform without any additional requirements and use its functionality.

8. Dungeon Tile Mapper

Dungeon Tile Mapper is online software that allows you to create tiled dungeon maps online for free directly from the browser of your device. You can run it on the web browser, and then there will be no need to download and install it on your system.

It is an excellent tile mapping tool that includes many official D&D tile sets. Dungeons Title Mapper provides a drag and drops feature due to which you only need to select your tiles and drag them where you want them.

There are lots of helpful features available in this software, and some of them are listed below:

  • Multiple layers
  • Create and import your tilesets
  • Scale for printing
  • Drag and drop tile-based mapping program

9. PlanarAlly

PlanarAlly is another excellent Roll20 alternative that provides you open-source software for web integration and desktop module. It is a tabletop tool that has many features like fully customizable cloud dashboard, and many others.

The platform provides you a fantastic experience of communicating with your friends and the players from all over the world. Along with that, it gives you a perfect dungeon-like interface that works with a variety of instructors to improve your real-time gaming experience.

Fortunately, it comes with a cloud dashboard with the help of which you can easily share your work in the community of millions of people. The interface is easy to use and comes with excellent navigation that helps users to find their things quickly.

10. Dundjinni

Dundjinni is one of the widely used software for map creation that provides you a dedicated platform to show your creativity and innovation. Along with that, you can also use the maps created by old members of the community. This software has a variety of tools that allow the RPG players to play smoothly and fastly.

You can also go to its official website to see its advanced games and salient features. However, Dundjinni does not offer you different software for your mapping structure but integrator all the useful items in their leading software.

11. ZingGrid

ZingGrid is a good alternative for Roll20 that offers lots of advanced features with a bunch of built-in characteristics. This is a Javascript library for representing grids and data tables, which provides you everything that you can expect from an ideal web component-based platform.

The always focus on solving each problem of their users with the help of JavaScript documentation for data grids & tables. However, it is convenient to create interactive HTML tables, spreadsheets for web applications. Fortunately, this platform comes with a fast, responsive, and customizable grid that eventually improves the user’s experience to the next level.

12. Hextml

Hextml is an ultimate platform very well known for HTML5 advanced technology, which helps users to make beautiful hexagonal maps. One of the best things about this software that the Maps you created can be shared in practically real-time with anyone.

This interactive software supports multi-user interaction for better usability. Thankfully, it is an easy but powerful platform to build and play fantasy role-playing games online. With the help of this virtual desktop software, you can manage campaigns, control world-building tools, and many others. So, if you are looking for Roll20 alternatives, you should consider using Hextml.

13. InfinitasDM

InfinitasDM is an elegantly simple Roll20 alternative that offers you advanced features that are sufficient to fulfill all of the virtual real-time gaming needs. Users can generate direct links from devices like smartphones, tablets, and PCs. This is a perfect place to create, organize, and play campaigns for Pen and Paper RPGs.

Importing existing maps or create them from scratch is an entertaining and exciting task in InfinitasDM. The cross-Hatch pattern in the map creation mode is an effective way to use this application software.

So, if you are looking to enhance your gaming experience, then launch the player’s display on the game table. We pick up this site on our list because it always gives priority to the users and regularly updates their tools with the latest version and Technology.

14. Astral Tabletop

Astral Tabletop most demanding software that allows you to play and host games. The best thing is that there is no scripting or XML involved in this platform, so you don’t need to worry about the CPU usage of your device.

Unfortunately, many advanced features of the software are locked, and we want to use them, then you have to buy their paid version. But believe me, paid version worth every single penny as it allows us to communicate with friends through live video chat. A large number of people voted it as the best alternative to Roll20.

15. VTable

VTable is a widely used software for role-playing games and has millions of active users all around the world. It is entirely based on Java with the help of which you can put images, sketch directly on whiteboard. This platform provides you the direct experience of playing virtual games with players without local groups.

To use VTable, you just need to open your default browser via Windows, Mac, or Linux as per your convenience. So in my recommendation, if you are searching for a reliable Roll20 alternative that can provide you a real-time experience of role-playing games, then VTable should be your priority.

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