What Is Poot Apk- Full Information

What Is Poot Apk: Hello friends! if you want to root your android mobile phone to get system-level access to your mobile then you are in the right place. Here we will know “How to download Poot apk(poot debug apk download or poot debug w100 apk), installing it and root your mobile in one click.”

POOT APK(Poot.apk)

Actually, it happens that when we have to root our mobile, then we have to use a laptop or computer. But we can root our Android mobiles without a laptop and computer using Poot apk. All you have to do is download the Poot apk and then install it on your mobile and follow some steps and your mobile will be rooted. Poot apk is a one-click mobile root software.

Detail about Poot apk:

App NamePoot-Debug-3.apk
Total Downloads120,000+
Apk SourcePoot App
App TypeApk
Last Update9 Jan 2019

What is Root?

Actually, we use our mobile as a normal user. There are many such files and features in our mobile which we cannot see. But root is a process in which we become superusers and we have complete access to our mobiles.

Advantages of rooting mobile:

There are some advantages of rooting your Android mobile phone.

  • Rooting gives you full access to your mobile, you can modify your mobile. And you can also use custom ROM on your mobile phone.
  • It will boost your mobile speed and battery life.
  • You can block ads in any app:

Rooting will give you full control on every app, you can block ads in any app.

  • You can remove preinstalled useless apps.
  • Free Space:

if you root your mobile phone then you can remove the useless apps, then the free space on your mobile will increase.

If there is so much benefit of rooting a mobile phone, then there will be some loss as well because every coin has two sides.

Disadvantages of rooting mobile:

If you are going to root your mobile, then you should also know its loss before that.

  • Warranty will be expired:

If you route your mobile then the warranty of your mobile will expire. That is why I suggest that you root your mobile only when the warranty time of your mobile is over. Because if you are thinking that by rooting the mobile and you will get it back again, but still the warranty of your mobile will not come back.

  • Problems related to mobile security:

When your phone is rooted, you will be using a mobile-like a root user. And at this time if there is a virus in your mobile, then your phone may suffer more damage.

  • You will have to face an update issue.

There are many apps at this time that help in rooting the mobile but we will recommend you to use Poot Apk.

How to root your android mobile using Poot Apk

All you have to do is follow some steps and your mobile will be routed.lets do it.

Step 1:

You have to download Poot Apk, But poot apk is not available on google play store so download Poot Apk from here.

poot apk


When the download is complete, open your file and install it. To install Poot Apk, you first have to go to the Settings of the mobile and then click on the Security option and enable the unknown resource.

step 3:

Now poot apk is installed, So open it.

step 4:

As soon as you open poot apk, Then you will be asked to install the MINISTRO APP.

Step 5:

just click on “ok” or “download” button, you will be redirected to google play store. You have to download this app as other apps.

Step 6:

After installing MINISTRO APP, open poot apk again.

Step 7:

Hit on “Press Here To Root” and you will find 3 options.

Step 8:

You have to select the Get Superuser option. And now your android mobile rooting will start.

Step 9:

When your mobile routing is complete, restart your mobile.

Congratulations, finally your android mobile has been rooted.

So, friends, this was the easiest way to root your android mobile. It has been very easy to route the mobile ever since Poot Apk has arrived. Otherwise, rooting the mobile was a very annoying task.

I hope you have understood “How to download Poot apk(poot debug apk download or poot debug w100 apk), installing it and root your mobile in one click.” and if you are having any problems, then please comment below and ask us, we will be happy to help you.

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